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Are you on the lookout for a sustainable mattress that provides supreme posture support? Look no further than the range of latex mattresses at Sourced from natural latex, our affordable collection is suitable for a wide range of needs and comes in various sizes to match different requirements. Simply put, a latex mattress consists of a layer of latex, which is similar to memory foam, where it cleverly contours to the shape of your body. As experts in the industry, we take pride in supplying a wide range designed and tested to guarantee you an uninterrupted night’s sleep. They deliver utmost comfort and support as it conforms instantly to every moment, keeping the spine in position and relieving pressure points simultaneously.

With everything from a gel memory foam mattress to a pocket springs mattress on offer, we, as the best mattress suppliers in Dubai, are hands-on to provide you with a dreamy sleep on a high-quality latex mattress. If well-cared for, these mattresses' average life can extend up to 15 years, making them long-lasting than any regular mattress. Moreover, they tend to maintain a consistent temperature, further keeping it cool and dry for long hours. If you have any questions regarding our range, feel free to get in touch, or you can simply make a purchase on our website.

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  1. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    50% Bluesky Mattress
    Bluesky Mattress
    As low as AED2,099.00 Regular Price AED4,199.00
  2. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    50% Cleopatra Soft Mattress
    Cleopatra Soft Mattress
    As low as AED3,999.00 Regular Price AED7,998.00
  3. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    49% Liberty Mattress
    Liberty Mattress
    As low as AED3,199.00 Regular Price AED6,299.00
  4. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    50% Luxury Mattress
    Luxury Mattress
    As low as AED1,899.00 Regular Price AED3,799.00
  5. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    50% Cleopatra Medium Soft Mattress
    Cleopatra Medium Soft Mattress
    As low as AED3,499.00 Regular Price AED6,999.00
  6. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    50% Z Haven Latex Mattress
    Z Haven Latex Mattress
    As low as AED1,999.00 Regular Price AED3,999.00
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6 Items

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