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120x200cm Mattress

The high-quality mattresses at, including the 120 x 200cm mattress, is the epitome of comfort. They are known to deliver a truly soft and sumptuous surface, guaranteeing you of a good night’s sleep. Ideal for those who snooze alone or two adults who seek to cozily share the bed, our 4 feet mattress are arguably the best in the market. As experts in the mattress industry, we take pride in offering an exciting variety of mattresses designed with a range of useful features. From HD foam to memory foam and medical foam, you can make your choice from a plethora of styles to meet your exact requirements. Priced at highly competitive rates, we guarantee no compromise on the quality delivered.

Our double mattresses are available in many comfort grades and choosing the right one will largely rely on your preferred sleeping position. While soft and medium firmness is ideal for those who either sleep on their side or keep switching positions, firm or very firm grade mattresses are more suitable for those who sleep on their front or back. If you seek a 120 x 200cm mattress in Dubai, we are the right choice. Our mattress experts can also help you in making the right decision when choosing between our collections.

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  1. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    30% Majestic Mattress
    Majestic Mattress
    As low as AED549.00 Regular Price AED800.00
  2. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    54% Opal Mattress
    Opal Mattress
    As low as AED299.00 Regular Price AED798.00
  3. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    62% Zircon Mattress
    Zircon Mattress
    As low as AED799.00 Regular Price AED1,798.00
  4. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    43% Ortho X Mattress
    Ortho X Mattress
    As low as AED399.00 Regular Price AED699.00
  5. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    33% Rigid Mattress
    Rigid Mattress
    As low as AED399.00 Regular Price AED600.00
  6. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    72% Onyx Mattress
    Onyx Mattress
    As low as AED799.00 Regular Price AED2,830.00
  7. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    34% Nexus Mattress
    Nexus Mattress
    As low as AED649.00 Regular Price AED989.00
  8. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    55% Amethyst Mattress
    Amethyst Mattress
    As low as AED899.00 Regular Price AED1,999.00
  9. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    55% Z Haven Latex Mattress
    Z Haven Latex Mattress
    As low as AED1,799.00 Regular Price AED3,999.00
  10. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    50% Quartz Mattress
    Quartz Mattress
    As low as AED1,499.00 Regular Price AED2,998.00
  11. W/P Mattress Protector Free
    57% Metis Mattress
    Metis Mattress
    As low as AED599.00 Regular Price AED1,398.00
  12. Fibre Pillow Free
    50% Spine X Mattress
    Spine X Mattress
    As low as AED249.00 Regular Price AED499.00
  13. Fibre Pillows Free
    50% Medical X Mattress
    Medical X Mattress
    As low as AED149.00 Regular Price AED299.00
Grid List

13 Items

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