Any mattress, regardless of design and dimensions, needs proper care, on which the life of the product depends. It must not only be regularly ventilated, and carefully cleaned of dust, and dirt, but also periodically turned over. We will tell you why you need to turn the mattress, just keep reading the article.

The mattress is turned over so that each side of the product remains in its original shape for as long as possible. During use, it is subjected to constant loads, which gradually deform its structure. Regular turning helps to maintain the shape and anatomical properties of the product, allows you to evenly distribute the load, protects against the appearance of deflections, and restores the structure of certain areas.

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To Balance Wear and Tear

The weight of your body can cause mattresses to permanently indent over time. Regular mattress flipping can help the weight to be distributed more evenly and prevent this from happening.

For Increased Comfort

One of the major reasons to turn over the mattress is to improve comfort. Over time, the materials in the product have a tendency to compress and settle in certain areas. Thus, flipping can help to provide a more comfortable surface by redistributing the materials.

To Improve Hygiene Level

Turning the mattress helps in maintaining hygiene as it minimizes the number of accumulated allergens and bacteria by exposing it to the air and sunlight.

To Increase the Mattress’s Lifespan

Flipping avoids sagging and maintains the mattress in good condition for a longer period of time. As a result, increasing the lifespan of the product.

How Often You Should Flip Mattress?

Many people think about this immediately after the purchase, and for good reason. A product with the same rigidity of the sides is turned over already in the third month after the start of use according to the following scheme:

  • After the first 3 months, you need to turn the mattress over on a horizontal plane so that the headboard is at the feet.
  • After another 3 months, turn 180°, swapping the top and bottom sides.
  • After 9 months of operation, again turn the mattress over on a horizontal place so that the headboard is in its right place and not at the feet..
  • A year later, again change the position by 180 °, turning from top to bottom.
  • However, not all mattresses require flipping as they are designed with a specific top and bottom like memory foam mattresses, and turning them over can cause discomfort and even damage. In this case, you can just rotate the mattress.

    So, Flipping or Rotating depends upon the type of mattress. Ultimately, the best way to care is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.