All of us have experienced those sleepless, sweaty nights spent switching from the right to the left side as the alarm clock blares outside our window. A bad mattress is frequently to blame for tossing and turning during the night, which is never a pleasant experience. Sleeping on an unfit mattress is the surest way to miss your red-eye flight to the clouds, whether due to protruding bed springs or an unsupportable bed mattress firmness.

Several problems are associated with inadequate sleep environments and getting a comfortable mattress might be the solution. Whether it is insomnia or restlessness, we can help prevent all of it with a few simple techniques.

Why Does It Happen?

Poor sleep, which frequently precedes tossing and turning, can be brought on by environmental and mental health issues. Learning which elements may lead to restless sleep is the first step towards finally resting yourself.

You might often find yourself worrying about the next day while in bed. You may also be questioning why this is happening. And more often than not, you might only be able to sleep when it’s almost time for your alarm to ring. Factors contributing to anxiety include stress, excessive caffeine consumption, and environmental change.

Apart from this, overstimulation can also cause major sleep issues. This is mainly because, in today’s date and time, everyone is on their phones, and ending this abruptly might not be possible. Noise, too, can affect it.

Lastly, our environment can also be a cause. These factors include the temperature of your body, the air in your room, and the misalignment of your neck and spine. When we talk about your body’s or the room’s temperature, it must be at an ideal temperature. If it’s too hot, you will find yourself tossing around till your body is cool enough to give you optimum sleep. Similarly, if it’s too cold, you will only be able to sleep well once your body has received the warmth it requires.

How To Prevent It?

Now that we’ve understood the causes let us move on to know how you can prevent it from happening.

The quality of your sleep is affected by various elements, some of which are minute enough to be overlooked. The sleep cycle is a delicate balancing act that is easily thrown off balance by factors like increased caffeine consumption and the dry, heated air that blows through radiators. But every issue has a solution, and with a little consideration and care, you, too, can uninterruptedly get the restful sleep you deserve.

Limit Usage of Electronic Devices

As mentioned above, excessive usage causes disturbance in sleep, thanks to the blue light. While the ideal time is two hours before bedtime, you can start by limiting usage to half an hour before. Instead, you could use that time to indulge in activities that don’t require you to use your phone or any other device.

Create A Cozy Ambience

The look and feel of your room also add to how well you sleep. Whether spraying a pillow mist or lighting a scented candle, there are several ways to create the right environment. You could also invest in a cozy mattress or duvet that helps you sleep comfortably and peacefully.

Invest in A Good Quality Mattress

One of the best decisions you can make is to invest in a high-quality mattress online. It should support your spine and neck, the two most important factors contributing to a peaceful sleep. For that added comfort, you could also look for pillows and other accessories, such as a mattress topper.