A stinking or damp mattress can be the most repulsive element in your room. While on the one hand, a smelly or dirty mattress can ruin your home’s aesthetics, it might also be unhealthy. For instance, it might lead to several rashes, body aches, etc. Sometimes your mattress quality can also deteriorate if you do not take care of them. Hence, purchasing an expensive mattress from a shop in Dubai or elsewhere might not be enough; you must take adequate care to ensure it is clean. Remember, good sleeping habits indicate taking great care of your sleep equipment and keeping your mattress fresh is one of the most crucial factors. Given below are a few tips to help you keep your mattress clean and tidy by our mattress shop Dubai experts.

Sprinkle Fresh and Organic Essential Oils

These oils are known for their health benefits and are entirely organic. Baking soda helps to remove foul odors by sprinkling essential oils on your mattress, you are sure to get a fresh mattress. You can use several kinds of essential oils, including lavender and peppermint. Additionally, such oils can help you relax and sleep without disturbances.

Using Cornstarch Combined With Baking Soda

Using cornstarch and baking soda paste can help you overcome such odors. Remember, a paste of both these items efficiently absorbs oils and dampness from your mattress. They make the mattress odor-free in no time. Such a procedure is easy and hassle-free. Hence, you can do this once in a week to ensure your mattress is fresh at all times.

Removing Stains

Do you like sipping your first cup of tea or coffee in bed? However, if you spill some of the morning's coffee or tea on your bed, it is important to get rid of the stains immediately. While washing the heavy mattress can be impossible, you can use regular detergent. Make sure you apply a paste of the detergent on it and allow it to sit for a while. Once it does, you must wipe it off using a towel. Remember, dry vacuum cleaning might not be efficient in removing stains. Hence, detergent might be helpful.


Smelly mattresses might be a considerable turn off. Imagine returning to bed after a hectic day only to find a dirty mattress. Indeed, such a condition might ruin your sleep. Cleaning the bed regularly is not very challenging. The hacks mentioned above will surely give you the mattress that will help you relax your nerves and give you the quality sleep you deserve. Additionally, make sure you look up the cleaning techniques or guide while purchasing from a mattress store in Dubai.