Summer is here, and we cannot emphasize enough the need for the human body to get something cool and refreshing every time we go around. Have you ever wondered if you can get the best cooling effect and quality sleep in summer without turning the air conditioning on?

For those who are curious, it is achievable thanks to what appears to be an invention that is more commonly known as cooling mattresses worldwide. These mattresses provide you with the most satisfactory possible sleep during the heat.

You can contact your nearest mattress store in Dubai to benefit from these excellent cooling mattresses. Continue reading if you want a list of the top cooling mattresses for people who get hot when they sleep in the summer:

Helix Midnight Luxe

This hybrid mattress bed has medium firmness and comes equipped with the most potent technologically driven facilities that promote a refreshing sleep and better returns on investment.

What is interesting about the Mattress online Dubai company is that they offer you the product with free shipping and return services and give you an exclusive 100-day sleep trial facility. The warranty for these mattresses is for 15 years, so you can use them without worrying about being defamed. However, it might seem a little expensive and out of budget for some.

Saatva Classic

The mattresses offered by Saatva Classic are firm, based on traditional technology, and highly affordable if you want to get the best cooling mattress facility in your budget. The company has served its customers for over 12 years and keeps customer satisfaction as its primary aim.

This is the ideal option if you like your sleep firm. Because the mattress is strong and does not make you feel fatigued as soon as you enter it, it may also be used for work-related purposes.


What does an ideal sleeper dream of? To get an undisturbed sleep every time he sneaks into the bed. WinkBed does precisely that. When you get into bed, their cooling mattresses give you the best experience and make you feel comfortable immediately. Depending on your tastes, you can choose from various stiffness settings.

Aurora Hybrid Bedding Brooklyn

If you are unsure about the type of mattress to invest in, then this is the ideal option for you. These mattresses are excellent for people who enjoy sleeping in big, thick beds and are suitable for all body types.

It will improve your summer if you tend to experience pressure points and sleep hot. The brand offers a lengthy trial period, but it is accompanied by a 30-night period during which they must check in to ensure everything is going as planned.

Venus Williams Ghost Bed Legend Hybrid

What does an athlete need after a long day of tiring work? A good sleep, but not so comfortable that they forget to wake up and follow up on their routine. This hybrid offers the best solution for athletes as it offers them pressure point massage while sleeping, helping their muscle recovery process speed up while they are sleeping. The firmness is moderately medium and comes equipped with motion isolation, temperature control, and pressure relief facilities.