The process of purchasing a brand-new mattress can be perplexing. With today's market's plethora of varieties and the confusion created by a dozen of categories, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, by reading this post, you may simply narrow down your search. Our professionals will make it simple for you by determining your sleep requirements and matching them to the various varieties. Continue reading to find out more as we break down and distinguish them.

Memory Foam Mattress

Multiple soft layers of polyurethane or polyol foam make up memory foam mattresses. These foam layers vary in thickness, offering the optimal foundation for a contouring sensation and well-distributed support. As a result, most individuals think that sleeping on this mattress type rather than the spring ones tend to be more comfortable. Just like a spring mattress, these too are available in four varieties, including polyurethane, regular, high-resiliency, and high-density polyfoam. The modern beds commonly include Polyurethane foam element, which is bouncier than materials like memory foam. Individuals seeking a mattress that is smooth and softer should consider the regular polyfoam, whereas those looking for a firm base should choose high-density polyfoam. However, when it comes to a firm and supportive foam mattress, high-resiliency is the best polyfoam type, though a little costly.

Spring Mattress

As the name suggests, these mattresses are manufactured by making use of plenty of springs. Generally containing two layers, one to be supporting and the other to offer comfort, it is fluffier and smoother in feel with greater overall comfort. Unlike memory foam mattress, the spring ones are popular for their advanced support by the majority of people. This is especially beneficial for persons who weigh more, since the coiled spring system can benefit them more.


Before you go ahead and choose a new spring mattress, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the many spring mattresses. The two frequent forms to know first are open-spring and pocket spring mattress. In addition, offset coil and Bonnet coil mattresses are other varieties in the spring type. Pocket coil ones are widely used in luxury beds, and not to mention they are a bit costlier due to the advanced technology. Offset coil mattresses share similar properties, the only distinguishing factor is their hinge wire joints. Whereas, Bonnell coil mattresses are a more popular choice due to additional comfort and cost-efficient feature. Unlike the coil types mentioned above, continuous coil mattresses include a single piece of wire. The mattress bases are not only durable but also very sturdy. However, given the added motion transfer, couples usually avoid this mattress.


It is understood that every individual has a different sleeping style; therefore, what might work for one may not be suitable for another person. When deciding on to pick the right mattress, you should consider few factors. These include understanding your sleep type and whether you sleep alone or with a companion. Once you have answered these questions, you can follow the pointers mentioned and make a wise decision.