Getting good sleep is something we have been told is critical since childhood. We must get 6-8 hours of quality sleep to stay physically and mentally healthy. Sleep helps the brain process information more accurately, and when we miss some of those precious hours of sleep, the nerves in our brain seem to lose some of their cognitive abilities. Throughout the day, we all struggle and hustle, which affects our body in different ways; the body needs to get some rest at night to take the same strain the following day. It can be called the repair system of the body. During summer, our sleep can get disrupted not only due to our unhealthy habits but also by the heat. Summer heat causing sweaty, uneasy sleep is not very unusual. This temperature rise, especially during the last few years when the temperature has soared higher than usual, is causing trouble while sleeping. But here are some tips that might help you get a more relaxed sleep this summer with your mattress in UAE.

Install A Fan and Dehumidifier

When there is no option to use an air conditioner, opt for a fan. Keeping some ice in a jar before the fan can circulate cool air. Also, dehumidifiers are very helpful when you live in a highly humid place. Try to keep the humidity level below 50 to 60 percent. It will help in controlling the temperature and having a peaceful sleep.

Keep The Curtains Closed

When the curtains are kept closed, it helps to keep the temperature down. It can make a significant difference, even though it sounds like a small change. Take a shower: Right before you go to bed, try to take a shower. It helps your body to cool down. Studies have proved that when you shower with lukewarm water before bed, your body is more ready to adjust to the temperature.

Use A Cooling Mattress

There are many mattresses designed with temperature-controlling aspects. They give you a more relaxed sleep compared to traditional foam mattresses. This new type of mattress uses a modified form of poly-foam with smaller air bubbles, which decreases heat retention and helps your skin breathe better. It is considered the best mattress in Dubai.

Sleep Wearing Comfortable Cotton Clothes

To avoid feeling sweaty while sleeping, wear loose clothes. Cotton can be your skin's best friend. It allows your body to stay calm, and loose-fitted pajamas reduce the chance of you feeling restricted and trapped through the night.

Please Turn Off All The Gadgets

All the electronic items we use, like TV, computers, and different devices, generate heat, so it is always a wise choice to turn them off before bed.

Freeze Your Bedding

This might sound weird, but it works. Just place your pillowcases and bed sheets inside a plastic bag and put them into the freezer for some time. It will provide some extra cooling during the hot summer days.

Avoid workouts before bed: Exercising before bed will only make your sleep time more uncomfortable during summer as it spikes your body temperature. However, doing some moderate activities during the daytime is highly beneficial as it helps you feel tired and sleepy at night.

Setting the thermostat at 65 degrees Fahrenheit: It has been proven that 18.5 degrees Celsius is the best temperature to fall asleep, so if you can use a thermostat at your home, set it at this temperature.