Isn't it wonderful to be able to sleep in a hotel bed? It's soft, smooth, and cozy, and all you want to do is cuddle up and go asleep as soon as you can. What if you could recreate this relaxing atmosphere in the comfort of your own home? If you follow tips provided by our mattress Dubai online company’s experts, you can have a hotel-style bed at home. We've cracked the code, and here's everything you need to know about mattresses and cushions.

Buy A Good Mattress

The basis for a good night's sleep is a comfortable bed. Thus, start by purchasing a nice mattress. From therapeutic beds to standard spring beds, there is something for everyone. If you already have a mattress and don't want to throw it away, flip it. This easy method restores the newness of your mattress while also extending its life.

Still can't get a sense of how soft it is? Layer a feather bed or a memory foam mattress on top of your mattress to add extra fluffiness and pressure relief. Both aid in the creation of a marshmallow-like sensation for a restful night's sleep.

Thread Count is Important

Are you a fan of hotel linens' velvety texture? The key is to use a fresh, silky high-quality cotton bedsheet with a 300-thread-count. The number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric is referred to as the thread count. However, it's a term that's unfamiliar in the Indian market. Here's where we, as an online mattress shop in Dubai can help.

One sheet will not suffice. If you look attentively in hotel rooms, you'll discover that there are two fitted sheets tucked in securely, with one flat sheet laid over them for a feathery effect. To get the appropriate bounce, place one fitted sheet vertically and another horizontally.

Add Layers

For that soft feel, you'll need layers upon layers. To create bedding bliss, add a comforter and duvet. For a nice and smooth finish, remember the 300-thread-count rule. All of this will make you just want to sink in your bed.

Add More Cushions and Pillows

Don't you enjoy sinking into a cushioned bed? All you need for a good night's sleep is the soft, light, comforting sensation. However, there's a snag! Two to four goose feather pillows and two fiberfill pillows are recommended. Extra pillows are a must; keep at least three on hand so you may choose what you want to sleep on.

Use A Throw

While hotels like white bedding, they employ a throw blanket and pillow to match either the headboard or the room's accent wall. This is a fantastic way to give your bedroom some personality and color. Put a neatly folded throw blanket at the foot of your bed to keep yourself warm. For a more streamlined appearance, place the throw pillows symmetrically.

Fluff Your Pillows Regularly

Pillows that have been used for a long time have a flat, depressing appearance. Fluff and rejuvenate your pillows regularly. This is a tiny but important step in making the bed feel more inviting!