Sleep is the recharging time for our bodies when our minds are switched off. More often than not, people wake up more tired than they were the night before. Not only that, but they also suffer from serious backaches and body pain. This soreness is a clear indication that something is going wrong. The question is if your mattress can cause back pain? And to put it simply, a wrong mattress definitely can be a reason for a sore back. The function of a mattress is to provide support to our spine while sleeping, and a good mattress will do that by keeping our head aligned with the spinal cord. However, a poor mattress does not provide enough support, and the muscles can strain under pressure causing lower back pain. If not checked in time, the problem can worsen over time into a chronic backache. We have listed below the warning indicators that must raise the alarm bells that it is time to replace your mattress.

Waking Up with a Sore Back

If the first thing you feel in the morning is a throbbing pain in your lower back, your mattress is to be blamed. You should feel rested after a good night’s sleep; however, if you start the day with your body aching, your body tells you that your mattress is not providing enough support to your spine, causing you muscle stress.

Restless Sleep

It is normal to wake up once or twice during your sleep, but if it is getting out of hand, there is something else going on here. Your mattress may not give you enough comfort to enjoy a restful sleep, which is why you fidget a lot and wake up in the middle of the night.

Uncomfortable Mattress Density

For the ultimate comfort and maximum support, you are looking for a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. A soft mattress will sink in itself and won't be able to keep your spine aligned. However, a hard mattress may also increase joint pressure in your hips. You are looking for that medium firmness to enjoy the best night's sleep.

Slouchy Mattress

Mattresses tend to lose their firmness after a while, becoming saggy. It is apparent, especially in the middle of the bed where you need maximum support, but a lumpy mattress can't provide that, causing severe backache.

Feeling Tired After Getting Up

After a seven-to-eight-hour sleep, you should be waking up refreshed and rejuvenated. But, when your mattress isn't right, you will wake up feeling tired like one feel at the end of a day. The mattress is not doing its job of providing you with spinal support and comfort.

Your Mattress is Too Old

Specialists advise changing your mattress after using it for seven to eight years. This is a normal lifespan of a mattress, and after that, it loses its shape, firmness, and ability to provide your body the support it needs while sleeping.


No one wants to suffer with chronic back pain as it can become quite distressing and stop you from enjoying your life. Look for the above-mentioned signs to know that it is about time you change your mattress. Visit a store to find a suitable mattress for your bed where you can also buy Medical Compressed Foam Mattresses as well that provide the best support for quality sleep.