You have probably just begun your day at work and are already missing your cozy mattress, yawning into your coffee, struggling to keep your eyes open, and waiting for the day to end as you watch the clock. Your productivity has decreased, and you’re grumpier than usual around your co-workers. That’s when the guilt begins to creep into your mind, with you wondering what’s going on? You might also find yourself questioning why this is happening.

You were probably binge-watching your favorite series or were on a call with a long-distance friend, either way; there’s no judgment here. However, if this is something you’ve been facing regularly, it might be a sign of your body telling you that something’s wrong. Through this article, we help you with just that, so you don’t sleep through an important meeting.

Stay Hydrated

While most people’s instinct response is to make themselves a cup of tea or coffee, this may not always help. Especially if you are dehydrated. It would be best to start your day with a glass of water instead.

Water makes up about 60% of your body. Your immune system is maintained by water, which also carries nutrients to your organs and helps lubricate your joints. To function properly, your brain requires a lot of water. If you struggle with remembering to drink water, try setting the alarm.

Keep the Room at a Moderate Temperature

If the temperature is too low, it will trigger your brain to release emotions that make you feel cozy and want to sleep. A high temperature, however, doesn’t help solve the problem either. This is because warmer rooms make you feel drowsier as your body releases sweat and exerts energy. The more your body works to cool you down, the more effort your body has to make, which can ultimately lead to fatigue. To prevent all of this, it is best to keep it at 24 degrees, an ideal room temperature.

Wash Your Face with Cold Water

You may not be aware that ice-cold water can improve blood circulation. The shock of cold water on the face can instantly increase alertness as it is much higher than your body temperature.

Reduce Your Intake of Sugar

Blood sugar spikes can happen if you eat or drink things that are high in sugar. A "sugar rush," which you may have heard of, can provide you with a brief boost in energy, but it quickly wears off and depletes your overall supply of energy.

This makes you feel more sleepy than usual and might make you feel fatigued at work. Reach for something less sugary if you like to snack while working (and who doesn't?).

Take A Break

A brief break is sometimes all your brain needs to recharge. Using the Pomodoro method, you can focus for 25 minutes at a time while taking five minutes off between tasks.

The objectives are to make a list of the things you need to accomplish and set a timer for it. A running clock has a psychological impact that makes you more efficient. This increases productivity and gives you a chance to organize your day.

Begin Your Day with Easy Tasks

Start your day at work on a light note. This means you could place simple tasks such as checking your email, responding to messages, and conducting light research at the top of your list. Leave the bulk work for a time when you can focus the best.

Consume More Healthy Food

As aforementioned, you should limit your sugary foods and instead fuel your body with food that boosts your energy. It helps you stay alert for longer and prevents drowsiness.

Get Social

A short break from work and catching up with colleagues for coffee or a light snack are the things you need to keep yourself motivated. These breaks also help reboot your brain, so you are fresh to resume your work. If you are an introvert, you could find other ways to relax your mind. You could either read something, watch a video of interest, or play games on your phone. And no, we’re not one to judge. You deserve the break and should do any activity that helps you relax.