How many times have you come across the general debate over letting a dog in bed? Quite often, correct? Most dog lovers claim that it is perfectly normal for a person to let a dog on the bed, while some declare it gives rise to various diseases and allergies. According to research performed by American Pet product Manufacturers, it's observed that nearly 42% of pet owners love canoodling with their dog at sleep. Mattress UAE manufacturers shared the shift in people's perspectives on dog ownership in the recent past. Additionally, several dog association groups are advancing a friendly and healthy atmosphere for dogs!

Amid both the statements and the strong points derived by the parties, it is obvious to get demented! Therefore, this article lists a few pros and cons for you to recognize and decide accordingly.

Positive Emotional Impact

According to a study performed by experts, snugging your pet animal and sleeping next to your dog releases happy hormones, decreasing stress levels, loneliness, and depression. This further promotes a sense of safety, love, and cheerfulness. Moreover, Dogs have proven to treat depression in humans. Their presence sends a relaxation massage to our brain, which increases oxytocin, a chemical that promotes the feeling of love. Consequently, even pets, particularly dogs, love when humans run their hands through their bodies during sleep.

Promotes A Healthy Heart

Backed up with research, experts claim that a dog can improve the health of our hearts. Usually, dogs help in keeping their owners happy and are considered a man's best friend. Being around your dog 24/7 promotes healthy mental health, especially for heart attack and stroke survivors, contributing to improved cardiovascular health. Our blood pressure is also reduced by petting dogs!

Ensures Maximum Comfort

The level of comfort a dog brings while sleeping allows you to feel protected, cozy, and at ease. A big fluffy dog is like a breathing goofball who admires you and loves lying next to you. It also helps in diminishing nightmares and stress. Also, to mention, Cuddling your dog while sleeping is the best feeling ever! Even soft mattresses play a significant role in promoting comfort, adding firmness, and improving the sleep quality of both humans and animals.


Many people have also come across a situation where they complained that sleeping with dogs gave them allergies. Some dog owners avoid sleeping with their dogs because dogs carry pollen and bring allergies home. A small section of sensitive people who go through skin concerns prefers staying away from dogs because not only the fur, even the sweat, and dander can cause allergies when sleeping in the same mattress and sharing the same pillow.

Rise In Disease

However rare it is, humans are unlikely to derive any diseases from dogs. Nevertheless, children who sleep, lick and kiss their dogs might fall sick since they are sensitive and prone to catching infections quickly. According to research performed in California, dogs are noticed to spread parasites like tapeworm and Lukewarm, and it's possible to see a zoonotic disease from dogs. Doctors instruct you to wash your hands regularly after petting dogs to stay away from germs.

In Conclusion

The response from the dog owners is mixed; some like it nuzzled up with their dogs while some provide a separate bed for their pets. Therefore, bringing your little pup to bed is entirely a personal choice. If you love squeezing your pet during sleep, it's lovely to opt for it. If you have a difference in your opinion, any health hazard, relationship conflict, or any other concern, you can decide what's suitable for you and your family.