Our body starts getting weak with age, and it becomes important to give extra cushioning to support while we sleep on the bed. Although initially, all mattresses would provide sufficient comfort, the quality of the mattress will determine if it will continue to provide support. Mostly, older adults begin to feel pains and aches after waking up in the morning if the mattress doesn’t put them in good posture. It is important to choose a premium quality mattress and pillows for the senior citizen to ensure proper support to their body with advanced mattress-manufacturing technologies. To buy the best mattress suitable for your elders in the family, you consider the following factors:


The extent of mattress firmness tends to be a very subjective factor, as this will mainly depend on the sleeping person’s body weight and sleeping position. Usually, aged people sleep on either of their sides and are generally thin and less in weight. A good quality soft mattress is a good option for supporting their shoulders and hip while sleeping in this position.


Efficient countering using special weaving technology will ensure proper comfort to the person pressure points. For this, the mattress needs to be flexible enough to stay aligned with the elder’s body shape. The mattress should have sufficient layers of adequate materials to ensure complete comfort to their body.


As joint pains and body aches can easily occur among aged people, the mattress should effectively provide adequate support to their bones and muscles. Unevenness in the mattress can cause a specific spot to be lowered or raised that can, in turn, impact the body alignment while sleeping.

Temperature Regulation

Certain medical mattresses contain advanced technology to regulate body temperature effectively. The traditional mattresses don’t include this feature, and it is essential to carefully look for this technology while looking for a mattress for elders.

Motion Control

If you want to buy a mattress for two, buying a good one with a motion isolation feature will help both individuals sleep peacefully on a single bed. Elders usually tend to change positions while sleeping. Thus, when one person moves the mattress will be effective to not let the other person get disturbed.

Stiff Edges

You should make sure the mattress has stiff edge support, as this will prevent the sagging of the mattress’s edges with daily use. Strong and tight edges will make getting in and out of bed for the elder who needs constant support to move.


The older mattresses used to contain rough springs and other similar components that easily makes creaking noises with few months of use. The latest pocket spring mattresses come with a special pocket in pocket spring systems and unique cushioning. This will make sure the elders can have a sound sleep without any noise or other disturbances of the mattress.