We understand that everyone has a different sleeping style, which is also why there are different types of pillows. Now this is something not many people are aware of, also why they end up buying the cheapest one available. While it might not matter to most people, there are few who should know of this in order to not wake up with a stiff neck. Continue reading to know more about the different types.

Feather Pillow

There are many advantages to using this pillow. Filled with down feathers, it helps improve your sleep and is preferred against other materials, such as cotton or synthetic, as it doesn’t harden over time. That being said, maintaining them can be a struggle, and some might even be allergic to the feathers. It is best to understand yourself first before going ahead and buying a feather pillow.

Polyester Fiber Pillow

If you don’t want the hassles of maintaining a feather pillow but also want something as soft, then these pillows are a good choice. This is because polyester pillows are durable, easy to clean, and an ideal substitute for those allergic to feathers.

Cotton Pillow

These pillows have been a popular option and for all the right reasons. It is light, affordable, and free from allergens. In fact, it is a safe option for those allergic to materials like polyester. However, cotton pillows need to be cleaned frequently.

Latex Pillow

The natural substance found in rubber trees is where latex is derived. The base material is incredibly soft, moldable, and strong. That is also why latex pillows are sold at a higher price. They help keep you cool at night and are suitable for side sleepers.

Memory Foam Pillow

These are probably familiar to you as they are also rising in popularity. They are made by combining polyurethane and other cutting-edge materials. The result provides unmatched comfort that fits your head and neck perfectly. While this pillow is suitable for all types of sleepers, it is highly beneficial for side sleepers as it provides even pressure across your body. The only issue with this pillow, though, is it could cause breathing problems and body heat retention.

Innerspring Pillow

This option typically consists of an inner layer of steel springs and an outer layer of polyester or memory foam. The outcomes provide excellent support for the head and neck. The support provided by innerspring pillows is unmatched.

Anyone who sleeps on their back should use an innerspring pillow. Some supporters of this selection believe the design offers cooling effects. Due to the intricate nature of the design, innerspring pillows are more expensive.