We might often feel muscle cramps around our neck or stiff shoulders after waking up, and most people suspect their pillows for it. Hence, people also prefer to sleep without pillows for several reasons. However, whether you must sleep with a pillow depends on several factors. Remember, there are several kinds of pillows in Dubai specifically designed to help people avoid body aches or have a sound sleep. Thus, the type of pillow you need or whether you should avoid it entirely depends on multiple factors. Here’s a guide to understanding whether sleeping without a pillow is ideal for you. After all, we all love soft and comfortable cushions that help us have a sound sleep. But are you using the right pillow? Let’s find out.

Stiff Pillows Can Cause Muscle Cramps Around The Neck

People sleeping on their stomachs should avoid stiff pillows for several reasons. While most doctors advise not sleeping on the abdomen to ensure a proper spinal cord alignment, it is inevitable for a few. After all, we do not think of excellent sleeping posture when tired. Instead, we curl up into a comfortable position and dose off. However, stiff pillows can cause cramps near your neck due to your arched posture while you sleep.

Sleeping Without Pillows Can Help You Avoid Skin Wrinkles

Skin wrinkles are a universal problem. While some connect the cause of skin wrinkles with unhealthy eating habits, an unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to it. Similarly, a wrong sleeping posture can increase skin wrinkles, especially with a pillow. Sleeping on a pillow suppresses your skin pores throughout the night, especially on the side you turn and sleep. Hence, rashes, breakouts and wrinkles can be common problems sleeping on pillows. Additionally, using a stiff pillow instead of a soft one can worsen this.

Sleeping Without Pillows May Increase Back Pain

While sleeping without pillows can help you overcome several health conditions and posture issues, sleeping without them can also lead to increased back pain. Using a pillow might help you sleep better in a straight posture if you have a crooked sleeping posture. Remember, a crooked sleeping posture might lead to a misalignment between your neck and spine, causing acute back pain when you wake up. Have you often experienced similar muscle pulls? It is perhaps time to use a pillow while sleeping.

Using Pillows Might Help You Breathe Easier

Using pillows helps you keep your head elevated more than the rest of your body, making breathing easier. Thus, doctors mostly recommend patients with respiratory issues use a pillow. Furthermore, using a pillow can help you avoid snoring by avoiding the blockage in your nasal tract. Hence, pillows are helpful for people suffering from diseases like sleep apnea and others, as pillows help them breathe more accessible and have a sound sleep.


There is no direct answer for whether one must use a pillow; it entirely depends on the person’s sleeping posture. However, if you suffer from any specific disease, you must consider the kinds of pillows you can use. For instance, several pillows in UAE are designed for people suffering from back or back pains. Some even help them overcome respiratory issues or blockages while sleeping. Thus, it would be best to consult a specialist before deciding whether a pillow is beneficial or harmful.