Sound sleep is ultimate desire of those who really understand what it means and how to achieve this. That is true long before it was individual experience and it all depends how better you know how to have comfortable sleep.

Bedandpillows have already taken care of best sleeping practices and provides you consultancy services in choosing mattress that ultimately provides you lasting peace of mind and sound sleep as well.

Best sleeping practices

When it comes to sleeping, one has to be highly careful and should never be taken as matter of just normal routine and some hit and trial methods to fix any disruptions. Things have changed a lot. We are surrounded by so much new things in our life and it continues to change with the passage of time. Our certain body parts are excessively being used while performing certain functions throughout the day and this is not happening one time, rather it is happening on daily basis. 

Here you need professionals to understand your sleeping disorders and how to reverse those disorders.

High quality sound sleep while maintaining best Body Postures

Our daily work can be the best describe our situation while we go to bed for sleep. How much painful or peaceful your sleep is? How long it takes to fall asleep? Our carelessness towards our body postures is sufficient to lead us towards lot of complications before sleep and after sleep. While we are walking, our body uses different body parts to carry our weight while we lay down on bed, body uses different parts to shift / spread weight. This is where one need to be careful and make sure mattress beneath him provides him proper support getting him relaxed and fully comfortable.   

As a matter of fact, no one tells us so detailed level information unless we contact specialist and seek their advice.

Mattresses of various designs are developed after incorporating thousands of customers feedback, decades of research and development work and data analysis. Experts have developed their knowledge and know better what people need what kind of mattress.

Not one kind of feel fits all

When it comes to choosing mattress, your sleeping pattern and your daily work routine define type of mattress you may need to choose. Don’t compromise on quality, consult more than 2 mattress suppliers until are fully satisfied and test recommended matters and you feel that it is capable to fulfill your needs.  

Learn the construction of mattress

Our need for sleep is part of our design and it is completely controlled by brain. Our brain is smart enough to send us signal when we need to sleep. When it comes to sleeping posture, and choosing place for sleeping, comes under our jurisdiction. Check the stuff used inside and outside mattress and try to learn what is the construction of spring / foam / memory foam / latex / fabric etc..  

Orthopedic mattress

Specialized mattresses are designed to meet your specialized needs, this is where orthopedic mattresses come and work with you to reduce stress on your joints and provide relief from spine pains or joint pains. We recommend our orthopedic mattresses are feel medium for the person who suffers on backache and this will evenly distribute the body weight continuously through sleeping hours and keep on providing support while shifting various positions

Mattress with lumber support

This category falls under zone / hybrid mattresses and mould around curves of the body to maintain pressure during twisting of body. Mattress surface is neither hard not soft rather it adjusts with body to provide required support

Mattress enabling sound sleep

Our specialized mattresses enable the customers to enjoy sound sleep without any discomfort. We are providing custom solutions tailored to customer lifestyle by helping overcome challenges being faced due to changing work style.

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