It can be a nightmare if you suspect that you have bed bugs, especially if your home has seniors and children. The best thing you can do is confirm the infestation and immediately work on removing the bed bugs. The entire process is long and tedious, but worth it. However, if you're looking to purchase a new mattress for your home, you can shop at the nearest mattress store in Dubai.

Today we will discuss in detail how you can identify the initial signs of having bed bugs. There are certain signs that you must pay attention to, and there are certain best practices that you could follow to remove bed bugs.

Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

Most people do not realize that they have bed bugs in the initial phase. In certain cases, it takes months, but you can keep an eye out for a few warning signs.

Bites On The Skin

All living things need to eat, and bed bugs are no different. The scary part is that they tend to bite our skin.

When bed bugs bite the skin, it gets red and, at times, itchy. While you sleep at night, there is a possibility that numerous other insects could also bite you. However, a common sign that you've been bitten by a bed bug is that you will notice red welts in a series of 4, all in a row.

Everyone's reaction to bed bug bites is different. While some people find the area itchy, others do not. Other severe reactions include hives and allergic reactions. Whatever the reaction to the bite, you must keep an eye out for these signs.

The Sheets Will Have Blood Stains

If you find bloodstains on the sheets, you must realize that this is also an initial sign that you have an infestation of bed bugs. For the following reasons, these stains can occur:

When a bed bug bites you and leaves the area, there can be a possibility that the blood did not dry. This blood is then transferred to the sheets.

In your sleep, you change your position, thereby crushing the bug. It has not completely digested the blood, and upon crushing it, the blood will transfer to the sheets.

Dark Specks

If your home has been infested by bed bugs for a long time, you will see dark specks on the sheets and even the mattress. As the infestation keeps growing, these specks will keep increasing. These specks are due to the crushing of the bugs or bug droppings. If it is a new infestation, these spots will appear in clusters, however, if the bugs have been around for a while, the spots will be spread out.

Musty Smell

A bed bug infestation always results in a musty, strange smell around the mattress. When bed bugs emit pheromones, you begin to notice this odor. The smell will get unpleasant when it mixes with the crushed bug's smell and the fecal excrement. Detecting the infestation initially can save you a lot of hassle. If you're planning to change your mattress, you can purchase your next mattress in UAE from any of our stores.