We are all aware that keeping bedsheets clean is important. The real question, however, is how often we should clean them. The ideal time would be to wash them once a week, just as we do with our clothes, in order to keep the dirt and grime away. Now, if this seems impossible, there are a few ways to keep your sheets clean till you have the time to clean them. Firstly, you must keep pets away from your bed, irrespective of how tempting it might be. This is because the dander from their fur can cause allergens. Apart from this, you should avoid eating in bed as the crumbs left over can attract bugs and other insects. Also, if you shower every evening, you could push the schedule to twice a week.

Do I Need to Wash New Sheets?

Certain brands suggest washing them, while some don’t. We highly recommend washing them either way, as bedsheets undergo several chemical treatments during manufacturing. They are non-toxic, but it's best to keep them at bay, especially for sensitive skin. Also, some sheets tend to shrink after the first wash, so this is a good way of understanding whether it will fit your mattress.

Will I Get Bed Bugs if I Don’t Wash My Sheets Regularly?

Although bed bugs aren't particularly interested in your dirty sheets, dust mites do. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs require proximity to their main food source — blood — to thrive. They are less likely to spread if your linens are properly washed.

That said, as they spread easily, especially in public spaces, they could be sticking to you. If you notice any bug, it is best to call pest control immediately.

How Often Should You Get A New Set of Sheets?

While the ideal time frame is every two to three years, this will also depend on factors such as the quality of the fabric and specific material types. In general, average cotton or polyester lasts for three years. For instance, cotton sheets last up to three years, and linen material beddings can take you through a decade of use.

In Conclusion

Now that you have better understood how often you should wash your sheets, don’t just sit there wondering whether washing every week is a lot. Remember, keeping your sheets and mattress clean is an investment in your skin’s health and quality sleep.