Are you experiencing back pain and fatigue even after getting the much-advised 7 to 8 hours of sleep? It is a significant indication that you need to upgrade your mattress. We generally don't replace our mattresses too often. If I ask you when you last upgraded your mattress, it is more than likely that you will struggle to answer. Experts suggest that even when it looks like your mattress is good to go for several more years, one must upgrade it after seven to eight years. Here is a list of signs indicating you need a new bed and mattress in Dubai and why you should consider replacing the old one regularly.

Why Should I Upgrade?

We spent a significant amount of time on our beds. Our sleeping patterns and requirements change with time. We either gain weight, lose weight, fall sick, or get injuries that change how we sleep. Upgrading your mattresses regularly helps you adapt to these changes and get quality rest.

Unlike a slice of bread, your mattress has no expiration date. It is your body that indicates you need to upgrade your bed set. Waking up with body pain and tiredness even after getting sufficient sleep are the leading indicators of upgrading your mattress.

Factors To Consider

While generally, you should upgrade your bed set every 7 to 8 years, other factors can impact the longevity of your mattress. Some of these factors are:

Weight gain - With age, people are more likely to gain weight, thus increasing the pressure on their beds. A higher pressure point saves the longevity of your mattress. For example, the mattress used by a couple will wear out quicker than the one used by a single person.

Having pets: Annoyed by constant yawning or chewing of your mattress by your pets? These activities can reduce your mattress's longevity as well.

Mattress Care: Like other materials in your house, your mattress needs some TLC too! Some of the best ways to take care of your mattress are to spray baking soda on it and vacuum it. It takes out all the gunk that gets deposited and keeps it fresh. If you are not taking these measures, your mattress can degrade quickly.

Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Mattress

One of the easiest ways to know that you need an upgrade is by sleep quality. Worn-out mattresses do not provide support like the new ones.

Shoulder pain and lower back pain are generally indicative of worn-out mattresses. Having disrupted sleep also indicates that you need to upgrade your bed set. If you wake up at the slightest noise or can't go back to sleep after getting up to go to the bathroom, you fail to fall into a deep sleep.

Apart from the comfort your mattress offers, there are other signs that indicate that your mattress is worn out and needs an upgrade. These are:

Stains and odors: Who doesn't like to eat on their bed while watching a series? Everyone! And it is more than likely for you to spill food and drinks on your mattress. Doing so on unprotected mattresses could result in mold and bacteria growth.

Mattress deformity: When your mattress gets worn out, you should see lumps and sag at different parts. This mattress does not provide the needed support and results in body aches and fatigue.

These signs will help you identify when you should go and buy a new mattress online in Dubai.