You must have come across various lighting schemes for your bedroom and living room. True enough, the kind of lighting in your room and mattress medicated or not impact your energy levels, sleep, and much more. Imagine you have a bright lighting scheme in your bedroom. It might affect your sleep pattern. Read on to learn how lighting schemes affect your sleep and what lighting you must have in your rooms to ensure deep sleep. Here are a few light hues you can try using in your bedroom for a soothing environment, especially while you sleep. Remember, while having a night lamp is excellent, you must also ensure it is of the right kind. Here is a quick guide for you.

Blue Light

Have you ever thought about why most night lamps are blue? Such a color scheme is tactfully designed for night lamps for various reasons. Research claims blue light carries more energy and positively impacts your mood. Blue light also has a soothing effect on the mind and body. Such claims prove why most night lamps emit blue light instead of red. Though red lights are bright too, they can hurt your sleep.


While sunlight is suitable for your home, it can harm your sleep. Imagine how the first ray of the sun hits your eye in the morning. Can you relate to the situation? Though it is great to have enough sunlight in your room during the rest of the day, people always prefer shutting their windows or pulling down their curtains during a short nap in the afternoon. Hence, ensure your windows have curtains or other ways to avoid sunlight while sleeping.

Benefits Of Natural Light

While direct sunlight can affect one's sleep, research studies prove exposure to natural light can positively affect one's body. Thus, people with greater exposure to sunlight generally fall asleep early. Natural light can benefit one's body and sleep cycles in many ways. While, on the one hand, it can help one lead a healthy life and avoid diseases, it can also have a positive impact on their sleep. Thus, make sure you let sunlight into your room.

Red Light

Red light is generally used in several treatments and has many purposes. The light has high frequency and excellent dispersion, making it fit for such purposes. However, red light is generally considered to be harmful to your sleep. Research studies prove red light can have a negative or disturbing impact on sleep, mainly because the light signifies danger. Some studies also claim red light can cause disturbing or distorted dreams because of its symbolic meaning.


Though people generally do not consider the lights they must use in their bedrooms, especially while sleeping, it has considerable significance. Remember, the type of nightlight you use, and its color can impact your sleep and quality. Hence, it is crucial to carefully select a good lighting scheme for your bedroom for a peaceful, sound sleep. Remember, lighting is as important as your mattress, so get them from the proper mattress shop in Dubai.