Sleeping in the right position is important to ensure proper body posture and spine alignment that can severely impact the long run. Being ignorant about your sleeping position may pose a serious risk to your overall health and body nature. While sleeping, you may not be mindful of your specific position. This may cause minor bends, and tilts may cause serious damage to your bones and other body parts.

Spine and Neck

Sleeping on the back is the best way to avoid strain in the neck or improper alignment of the spine. In other sleeping positions, the neck and spine may not always be in the right position and cause excess pressure in these areas, causing severe damages. Using multiple pillows or no pillow at all can leave you with soreness in the neck area when you wake in the morning. Using a good quality mattress that aligns with your body shape will allow you to sleep on the side or back without damaging your ligaments and tendons.

Hip and Shoulder

The shoulder and hip areas exert additional pressure on the mattress when you sleep on the sides. If the mattress is too hard or soft, it will not adjust efficiently according to your body shape and thus cause sore hips and pain in the shoulders. Hip problems due to improper sleeping position can be avoided by placing a pillow between your legs and keeping your body parallel to the mattress.

Disrupted Blood Circulation

Improper sleeping postures like sleeping on the right side or putting hands under the head can put heavy pressure on the blood vessels. This can even lead to nerve damage in the long run. To ensure uninterrupted blood circulation, sleep on your back with your leg alleviated parallel on the bed. A premium quality foam mattress can provide adequate body support to increase blood circulation while sleeping.

Sleep Apnea

This is a common sleep disorder that develops due to various bodily conditions such as obesity and excess weight. In this condition, your breathing tends to stop and start abruptly in a repetitive manner. Symptoms of these conditions may be loud snoring and tiredness even after long hours of sleep. Sleeping on sides have been considered a solution to solve sleep apnea. Having a good supportive mattress to sleep on sides without getting any pain can help cure sleep apnea.


Insomnia is a common condition found among many due to various reasons, including improper sleeping positions on a bad mattress. This can further lead to fatigue due to a lack of proper rest. A supportive and cushion mattress offers better comfort and ensure you sleep tight for long without any disturbance.