Did you think washing guidelines are only for clothes? No, there are washing guidelines for most things, including pillows. Just like you cannot wash a silk dress the way you wash a cotton dress, the same goes for silk pillows. Thus, you must take utmost care to ensure your pillow covers last long. Remember, proper maintenance is the fundamental way to ensure longevity. Therefore, you must make sure you use the correct washing and drying techniques for your pillows. Here is a detailed guide on the dos and don’ts of washing silk pillows. These are the most common mistakes people tend to make while cleaning them and should be avoided immediately. You do not want dull pillow covers, do you?

How to Wash Silk Pillows?

Silk pillows are fragile and need proper handling to last long. You must use a mild detergent for washing silk pillow covers. Remember, intense detergent powders can ruin their luster or make their texture too rough. You must soak your pillow cover in soap water for a few minutes. You can see the pillowcases releasing dirt and stains once you soak them. Wash these pillow covers after 20 minutes. Remember to close the zip of your pillowcase before soaking them in soap water.

Do Not Rinse

Silk fibers are fragile. Thus, it would help if you did not rinse your pillow covers hard when you wash. These smooth fibers release dirt automatically when soaked in soap water. Rinsing them can cause them to tear or be damaged. It would help if you took adequate care while washing your pillow covers. It would be best not to put them in a washing machine as they cannot sustain the hard rinse. Thus, scrubbing with your hands is the best way to clean them.

Blot Dry

Once you wash your pillow covers, you need to be careful about drying them. Unlike most clothes, these cannot withstand the harsh sun. Thus, it would help not put these under direct sunlight as it affects their color and texture. You can blot dry the pillow covers with two towels. Put your wet pillow cover on one towel and pat it dry with another dry towel. It would help the towel to soak water and dry the pillow covers.

Drip Dry

Blow drying does not dry your pillow cover completely. You must hang your pillow covers on a wire or hanger to dry them further. This method is known as drip drying and is very effective for memory foam pillows. Remember, while you must avoid direct sunlight, you need to dry your pillow covers in the fresh air. Fresh air and sunlight help you to avoid germs on your pillow covers. Thus, drip drying is one of the best methods of drying your pillowcases completely without affecting their beauty.


Most pillows in Dubai have washing instructions on them. It would be best to follow these instructions to ensure your pillow’s longevity. You must also be cautious of the kind of soaps you use for washing delicate pillow covers. There are several other ways of washing and cleaning pillow covers, especially the silk ones. However, the most effective.