Buying furniture for your bedroom can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. You could be moving to a new home or want to redo your bedroom; either way, there is some must-have furniture to complete the look. Bed and mattresses are common items, but what else would you need apart from them? Here’s where our experts help.

Bed Frame

The first and most crucial item for your room is a bed frame. This may seem obvious, but you wouldn’t know the right size and type based on your needs. The bed frame size affects the amount of space in your room and the ambiance. Depending on these factors, you could opt for one with or without a headboard. Apart from this, you’d also need a suitable mattress, pillows, sheets, and covers.


If you have the space for it, we recommend getting a nightstand for your bed. It is meant to hold lamps, phones, water, and other equipment. Some even come with drawers for more storage. Either way, getting one is advisable. One nightstand is good enough for single beds, whereas two are a must for queen or king-size beds. This gives the room a symmetrical appearance and helps you and your partner keep your respective things to your side of the bed.


Having a dresser in your room proves useful in more ways than one. For starters, you could store all your inner garments and socks to ensure more space in your wardrobe. Apart from this, keep items you regularly use to avoid a messy closet. The size of the drawer will vary based on the size of your room.


Similar to a dresser, the only difference is the attached mirror and a seat. Many people use a vanity to apply makeup as it comes with several drawers to store makeup and clothes.

Mattress Topper

While this may not be considered an accessory for your bedroom, it is the perfect companion for your mattress. Available in latex, memory foam, and other materials, it helps keep your bed cool and soft. Apart from this, you get improved sleep, back and neck pain relief, and the utmost comfort.