Do you think maintaining a proper posture only while sitting or standing is essential? No. The position in which you sleep is also crucial for determining good health. Several studies reveal the pros and cons of sleeping on different sides and state why sleeping sideways is the most beneficial. Most people tend to sleep on their back or curl themselves up while they are asleep. Though we fail to connect our sleep posture with the health disorders we face, they are intricately related. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping sideways and why people should consider them. Remember, you must correct your sleeping posture to have better digestion, and reduced snoring.

Reduced Back Pain

Back pain is a common issue amongst the aged. Most people suffer from chronic back pain that gets worse with time. Remember, how you sleep has a strong connection with increasing or lowering back pain. Studies reveal sleeping on your stomach can make your back pain worse. It is because the pressure on your spine is higher in such postures. Thus, people should sleep sideways to avoid increasing back pain. Sleeping sideways often tends to cure excruciating back pain. You can also consider getting a side pillow from a mattress store in Dubai to provide additional support to your back.

Reduced Snoring

Snoring is not just disturbing for others, but it can cause fatal conditions like sleep apnea. People tend to snore when they lie on their backs. Such a condition occurs because your tongue tends to fall back on your throat, thereby obstructing airflow when you lay on your back. Sleeping sideways helps you to avoid this and therefore avoid snoring. Most people have reported a 50% decrease in snoring after they started sleeping sideways. Such a posture also reduces the risks of sleep apnea and is often recommended by most physicians.

Improved Digestion

Medical studies reveal sleeping sideways is better for digestion. Such sleeping postures help you to avoid indigestion, gas, and constipation. It is also said that sleeping on the left side is more effective. Though there is no objective evidence for the same, the position of the stomach proves so. The abdomen is located slightly to the left of the body, below the esophagus. Sleeping on the left helps the stomach be in its natural position and release the necessary enzymes required for digestion. Remember, people with digestive issues should avoid sleeping on their bellies.

Effective During Pregnancy

Most physicians recommend pregnant mothers to sleep sideways for several reasons. Sleeping on the back is often considered risky for the fetus and a popular cause for stillbirths. Sleeping sideways helps the heart pump blood easier and prevents the fetus from putting additional pressure on the pulmonary vein. Since this vein carries blood from the lower body to the heart for purification, pregnant women must avoid sleeping in conditions where this channel is obstructed. They can also look for specific mattresses online that would aid their sleep during pregnancy.


There are several other benefits of sleeping sideways. For instance, sleeping sideways helps in increasing concentration and your brain’s efficiency. Several types of research reveal the position you sleep in determines the efficiency of your brain and its ability to get rid of wastes. Since the brain gets rid of most waste at night while asleep, it is crucial to choose the correct position. It would help in the faster removal of wastes and also enhance the brain’s power.