Today, all of us use social media, and I'm sure you know about Wordle—it's the latest game that has gained tremendous popularity on the Internet. So, what is this game all about? It's a word game! This game is straightforward and extremely easy to use. Furthermore, the puzzle also offers a good resolution without taking over 5 minutes. The gamer also receives an update of the number of guesses taken to finish the game. This makes it simple for the gamer to keep a track of scores and also share the game with their friends.

Wordle is an exciting puzzle and is also known to have benefits that include inducing sleep. Today we will discuss how this puzzle works and how you can use it to experience a good night's sleep. And what better way to get a good night's sleep than on a comfortable mattress? You can shop for a comfortable mattress online or at your nearest mattress store.


The puzzle has a grid that users can utilize in order to put various letters together to form a word. A five-letter word is usually displayed and is similar for every gamer, daily. When the gamer gets the letter correctly, it turns green. If the letter is placed in the incorrect spot, it turns yellow, and if the letter is incorrect, it turns green. The puzzle has a word for the day, and every user receives 6 tries.

Josh Wardle, a software engineer, built Wordle. Wordle quickly got popular, going from 90 gamers every day to 2 million users within 2 months. The game is still gaining popularity as it is steadily, giving the rival games, a tough fight.


Playing Wordle has numerous benefits. One of them is restful sleep. It is a known fact that puzzles help to reduce stress, and as we all know, stress is the root cause of insomnia. Wordle allows the gamer to enter into a meditative and peaceful state of mind. This is because they are completely focused on a single mission, completely forgetting about their anxiety.

Wordle is not a demanding game, and it offers its users a single word every day. It is a straightforward game that allows gamers to remain focused on a single mission. The game also has a community where users interact with each other, ultimately promoting wellbeing

Sleep Better With Wordle

It is noticed that Wordle has shown benefits in helping users sleep better. However, it is vital for you to consider an appropriate time to use the game. The below-mentioned tips will help you optimize for this game.

When you feel your stress levels are high, you may consider playing. This will give your mind a much-required break.

Avoid playing Wordle just before you go to bed. This is because your phone emits a blue light that can impede sleep. Consider playing the puzzle an hour before bedtime.

Avoid getting caught up in the game, as it could get pretty competitive on social media. Competitiveness can increase your stress levels, therefore try playing the game at a comfortable pace. For a good night's sleep, aside from that, you would also require a comfortable mattress. You can now shop for your preferred mattress at any mattress store across the UAE.