Only parents will understand the struggle always to make sure that the best is ensured for their child. In this economy of advertisement and the illusion of free choice, it's virtually impossible always to understand which product is better than the other. But then again, it is your child; every decision matters the most. We all know sleep is the best medicine for all mental and physical health issues. Thus, giving your child the most suitable mattress, they will love to sleep on without much ado must be the most beautiful thing. The magic combination of springs and airflow will put your child to a peaceful sleep in less than a few minutes. Hence, to make this process a little easier and hassle-free, we are here to give you the best advice on mattresses you may get for your loved one. There are many mattress companies in UAE to help you with it.

Factors To Consider

Mattresses can come in different sizes, materials and textures and keep reading to know what the best for your kid and their sleep schedule will be. It may be decided based on age and sleeping habits. The warranty of the product is also essential in this case. In this case, you can opt for a mattress protector for preservation to make the product last longer. Moreover, ensuring that the product is free of toxins is extremely important in ensuring your child's health.

Size Of The Mattress

You should choose the mattress size according to the child's age. If the kid is a teenager, choosing a bigger size is advisable in cases of random growth spurts along with puberty. If your child is taller than their age, choosing the bigger one is also necessary. There are different sizes advisable for other age groups. Usually, crib mattresses around 52 inches by 28 inches are recommended for newborn babies until three. To ensure firmness, it is advisable to check that the width of the mattress is thicker than two fingers placed horizontally.

For toddlers, a twin-size mattress is a perfect choice. One that measures 75 inches by 38 inches is recommended. Also, note that a firm mattress is necessary for this age group because it can support a growing child.

The Perfect Mattress For Teenagers

For teenagers, a better option is to purchase a twin foam mattress, but you may go for a more comfortable option. Twin XL mattresses are a good choice since they don't occupy so much space in the room yet give you the most desirable experience. It is a better option than a regular mattress since it occupies too much room space.

The most important thing to consider for toddlers and newborns is that since they wet the mattress frequently, you must purchase the suitable one with a mattress protector. A well-built mattress is needed in this case which can stand the toxins of urine and other bodily fluids for a long time.

Benefits Of A Firm Mattress

Usually, it's advised that a firmer mattress is chosen for children since they are light, and there's no need to go for a soft and plush one. Sleeping positions also play a role in deciding the firmness of the mattress. But again, extra firmness will be different in this case. Hence, opting for medium firmness is the wisest choice to help support their spinal alignment. For a little older one, it is crucial to decide the firmness based on the body weight of the teenager.


Just buying the best mattress online does not end all your responsibilities. It must be kept in mind that beds for kids need to be changed, if not frequently. The lifespan of a mattress is around seven to ten years. After depending heartily on this massive spread of cotton, you should remember that it is time to say goodbye and welcome a new member to the family.