You are not the only person who has been dealing with back pain. As such, according to some studies, more than 60% of adults have at least one episode of it. Despite this, consulting a doctor is still advised. You should see a doctor if you have severe or persistent pain, but if you wake up sore, your mattress might be to blame. Here are some examples to support this assertion.

Struggle with Getting Comfortable

Firmness level, mattress type, and other factors contribute to how you will feel when sleeping on it. If you cannot find a comfortable position when lying on the bed, the mattress may not be right for you. This is also why we always recommend customers understand their body type and buy a mattress that matches their body type.

You Don’t Feel Energized After Waking

Ideally, this pointer is often associated with not getting enough sleep. However, that may only sometimes be the case. In fact, there might be days when you wake up wondering why you are feeling so tired despite getting enough sleep. Well, one possible reason could be your mattress. There is a reason why every mattress is different, and the one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply here. Numerous factors go into selecting the right mattress.

Irregular Sleep

Bad dreams are a common reason for waking up, but if you're waking up for other reasons, your mattress might be to blame. You must determine if your mattress offers the necessary level of comfort. If not, you might want to think about buying a new one from a reputable online mattress store in Dubai. You could select from a large selection of sizes there based on your needs.

Sore Back Upon Waking

Do you feel fine before bed but wake up with a severe backache? Most likely, the issue is with your mattress. Your spine may not be aligned properly, which can cause morning pain. This could be a sign that it's time to get a new mattress if you've been using the same one for a while.

Your Bed Is Getting Older

Generally speaking, you should replace your mattress every seven to ten years. This number varies depending on the type of mattress, but if it is too old, it can cause back pain. You'll experience low energy and productivity as a result of this.