A night of good blissful sleep is highly beneficial to your body than you can ever imagine. Over a more extended period, a peaceful sleep cycle can improve life quality by providing a regular and sufficient time gap to rejuvenate energy. However, excessive sweating has been a prevalent sleep spoiler bothering many in the world. Although perspiration benefits the body by detoxifying, fighting body bacteria, and boosting endorphins, waking to clothes drenched in sweat can often be an unpleasant experience that many individuals face.

Night sweats can either indicate any medical illnesses or may be due to simple reasons such as high room temperature, mattress type, etc. Among women, it is often linked with hormonal imbalance, especially during menopause. Additionally, night sweats may also result due to high fever, and anxiety disorders, among others. Here are five tips to get a calm and relaxed, non-sweaty sleep at night:

Comfortable Clothing and Light Bedcovers

To have a proper relaxed sleep, it is always advised to wear loose-fitting nightwear made out of breathable fabric such as cotton or silk. This will not only add comfort to your sleep but also prevent sweating by circulating air equally around your body. Apart from this, while choosing the bed, pillow and mattress covers, we suggest you should only pick light and natural fabric to create a smooth heat absorbent bed surface.

Watch What You Eat

As our food tends to have an immense impact on all our bodily mechanisms, it is highly influential over our sleeping pattern as well. Consuming spicy foods, onion, and garlic at night can raise body temperature. This may induce perspiration to alleviate body heat. Drinking caffeinated, acidic, and processed drinks can act as hormonal triggers to increase the heart rate. It is wise to prepare mild meals for dinner by including fresh fruits, dairy products, vegetables, fish, and soy, which can help nourish and calm the body.

Watch What You Eat

Alcohol and Tobacco

Although the power of a glass of wine in inducing a peaceful sleep is a long-debated topic, alcohol and tobacco have been proven to trigger hormonal fluctuations. It can raise heartbeats and increase the body temperature, in turn adding to the night sweats.

Destress Yourself

Anxiety disorders are one of the most popular medical conditions causing night sweats. Going to bed with the day-long stress can only mean sleeping with an anxious mind that may increase the heart and brain activity. To avoid night sweating due to restless body conditions, it is essential to completely unwind with proper relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.

Mattress and Pillows

Being the only equipment involved in your sleeping activity, choosing the perfect bed mattress and pillows in Dubai is vital to avoid night sweating. Factors such as the material, structure, and even shape can have an immense impact on the mattress's breathability. Modern mattress with special gel infused comfort layers and internal structure supporting proper ventilation can enhance body heat absorption and reduce sweating. Pillows with thermoregulating fabric covers are highly instrumental in enabling a more relaxed sleep.