There is no doubt about the importance of a good night's sleep. It is essential to maintain your physical health and mental well-being. Sleep time is when our body and mind rejuvenate and recover; when you sleep tight, it will re-energize you for the next day. However, when you haven't slept properly, you feel lethargic and spend the next day in a bad mood. Much attention goes toward choosing the right mattress for your sleep, but the right pillow is equally significant. People often complain about not being able to fall asleep or waking up with a sore neck. A bad pillow is an offender in most cases. Here are a few things you must consider while choosing a pillow for yourself next time.

Your Sleep Position

Everyone sleeps differently and in a different position, which dictates your pillow needs. People move around in their sleep but usually favor either front, back, or side sleeping positions. They will need different characteristics in their pillows to support them throughout the night and enjoy a comfortable sleep. You must know which sleep position you most lie in during the need and then choose. The aim is to keep your head and spine aligned for maximum support.

Back Sleepers need support to keep the neck posture and your head and spine well-aligned. Stomach sleepers can easily do away with a pillow as the natural alignment of your neck and spine is least disturbed in the position. They can use thin, less full, and soft pillows for additional support. A medium thickness and firm pillow will help people who sleep on their back but be careful not to choose too thick a pillow that would put your head in an oddly uncomfortable position. People who sleep in a side position can avoid a sore neck by choosing a thick and firm pillow is necessary as they need extra support to keep the pressure off their shoulders. Analyze your sleep style and then make an informed choice so you can enjoy a good sleep throughout the night.

Look for the Perfect Stuffing

Pillow fillings come in multiple variations these days. The most common are microfiber, cotton or wool, and memory foam. After selecting the right thickness and firmness that you would require based on your sleep style, choosing the filling for your pillow is the next step.

Synthetic filling pillows are cost-friendly and come in a range of thicknesses. They are hypoallergenic, so people who suffer severe allergies can use them without worry. Wool pillows are thicker and firmer, so they will naturally be more suited to side sleepers. They cost much more than the microfiber pillows. Special feather pillows are a luxury item that will cost a lot but provide the ultimate softness. Memory foam is the latest in the pillow industry as it soon took off because of the maximum support they provide. You can choose the best one based on your personal preference and budget.

Pillowcases & Pillow Protectors

Pillows come in direct contact with our head and face and can get sweaty and dirty over regular use. It is essential to protect them by covering with a pillow protector. It is very important especially when you have purchased an expensive one to prolong its life. Silk pillowcases are all the rage these days as well as they provide the lush comfort and softness.

Replace in Time

We use our pillows 7 to 8 hours a day and they are bound to lose their shape, form and firmness. It is not wise to keep using the pillows that have sagged already as they do not provide the necessary support and affect our sleep badly. Know when it is the time to change your pillow for maximum comfort.


Paying a little attention to the type of the pillow you select can make a huge difference to your sleep cycle. Select from a range of pillows at for a night of uninterrupted sleep and wake up fresh every morning.