Most of us wash our clothes the moment the hamper is full or when we run out of clothes. Every day we clean our kitchen counter soon after we're done with dishes because we know we will need to reuse it the next day. Dust off the surface of our homes the moment we see the dust on it. Occasionally, some of us end up replacing our mattress with more comfortable ones (you can easily find a comfortable mattress online).

However, after a very long and tiring day, we find ourselves lying in bed with no consideration for the sheets on it. But, how often must I change my bedsheets? I'm sure all of us are thinking that; let's dive in deeper.

Washing the Sheet

So, how frequently must we wash our bedsheets? A recent study in the United Arab Emirates states that 90% of people usually change and wash their sheets once a week. Although this is merely a guideline, experts advocate changing it on a weekly basis.

Sheets tend to collect a lot of particles that the eyes can't see, such as feces, dust mites, as well as dead skin cells, among other things.

The Benefits of Changing Sheets Frequently

There are various reasons why you should put on new sheets on a regular basis:

If you suffer from allergies or asthma

If you usually go to bed naked

If you don't take shower before sleeping

If you sleep with pets

If you eat in bed

If you sweat excessively

If you have a lesion or infections

When You Don't Change Your Sheets Regularly

It is possible to be exposed to animal dander, germs, and fungi if the sheets are not changed frequently. These elements are seen on bedding sheets; other elements like dead skin, sweat, and bodily fluids are also seen.

These things won't make you severely ill; however, they could be reasons for triggering severe eczema and dermatitis.

It is also found that people with allergies and asthma tend to show worsening symptoms when the sheets are not changed frequently enough. Over 100,000 people in the United Arab Emirates have been diagnosed with severe allergies. If you are not in this category, though, you may endure sneezing and a stuffy nose as a result of sleeping on dirty bedding.

Maintaining Clean Sheets

You can maintain the hygiene of your sheets between washes by doing the following:

Get into bed with clean feet

Ensure your pets stay off the bed

Keep eatables off the bed

Avoid using oils, creams, and lotions prior to sleeping

Remove your makeup before lying in bed

Bathe before getting in bed

Avoid utilizing the sheets after a sweaty activity

Sheets Should Be Cleaned

We recommend using hot water to clean the bedding. To avoid damage, follow the label's instructions before washing. Cleaning your bed sheets in warm water on a regular basis will effectively eradicate bacteria (the hotter the water, the better it is). Post washing the sheets; we suggest ironing them and proper storage. Proper care of your bedsheets will benefit you in many ways allowing you to breathe well and enjoy sound sleep better if you. Try to practice it diligently.