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  1. 50% Children Memory Pillow M1005
    Children Memory Pillow M1005
    As low as AED 25.00 Regular Price AED 50.00
  2. 50% Feather Pillow F1002
    Feather Pillow F1002
    As low as AED 250.00 Regular Price AED 500.00
  3. 50% Fiber Pillows 1004
    Fiber Pillows 1004
    As low as AED 20.00 Regular Price AED 40.00
  4. 55% Gel Memory Pillow M1002
    Gel Memory Pillow M1002
    As low as AED 90.00 Regular Price AED 200.00
  5. 50% Gel Memory Pillow M1006
    Gel Memory Pillow M1006
    As low as AED 90.00 Regular Price AED 180.00
  6. 50% Gel Memory Pillow M1007
    Gel Memory Pillow M1007
    As low as AED 90.00 Regular Price AED 180.00
  7. 50% Gel TPE Memory Pillow
    Gel TPE Memory Pillow
    As low as AED 90.00 Regular Price AED 180.00
  8. 50% Latex Pillow
    Latex Pillow
    As low as AED 250.00 Regular Price AED 500.00
  9. 60% Memory Pillow Cassic M1003
    Memory Pillow Cassic M1003
    As low as AED 80.00 Regular Price AED 200.00
  10. 50% Memory Pillow M1004
    Memory Pillow M1004
    As low as AED 90.00 Regular Price AED 180.00
  11. 60% Microfiber Pillows 1001
    Microfiber Pillows 1001
    As low as AED 60.00 Regular Price AED 150.00
  12. 33% Pillow Protector
    Pillow Protector
    As low as AED 20.00 Regular Price AED 30.00
  13. 60% SoftCell Cooling Pillow
    SoftCell Cooling Pillow
    As low as AED 80.00 Regular Price AED 200.00
  14. 60% Super Latex Soft Pillow
    Super Latex Soft Pillow
    Special Price AED 150.00 Regular Price AED 300.00
  15. 50% Wedge Pillow
    Wedge Pillow
    As low as AED 125.00 Regular Price AED 250.00
Grid List

15 Items

Set Descending Direction

Buy Pillows Online in Dubai, UAE

If you too seek a deep and sound sleep, then the exclusive collection of memory foam pillows in Dubai at may be the ideal solution. Headaches, back pain, or neck pain are often considered signs of poor spinal alignment, which can be caused either due to the manner you sleep in or your current mattress.Buying the right bed mattress is not enough, you need neck support from your pillows. What sets memory foam pillows apart from the traditional feather pillows is their ability to fit the neck’s curve and head’s shape well, thereby offering maximum neck support and comfort while also improving your posture. As the perfect pillow, it also focuses on pressure points and works by evenly distributing pressure to all areas of your neck and head, guaranteeing a restful sleep.Feather pillows are not only extremely soft, but they also retain less heat, so you get a comfortable night sleep.The softness that down pillows provide is unparalleled but they are rather expensive. At Bed and Pillows, you will find the right pillow for you at our online store in Dubai.

Pillows are just as important when it comes to ensuring we get uninterrupted sleep, as low-quality pillows can be detrimental to your health. The spinal alignment offered by memory foam pillows helps prevent sleep apnea by allowing the airways to be aligned appropriately, thereby promoting quality sleep. Of all the pillows in Dubai, memory foam pillows are more durable, breathable, and sustainable, so they are definitely an investment worth making. Choose from our memory gel pillow, feather pillow, wedge pillow, or classic memory foam pillow, amongst others, depending on your specific requirement. You can even choose the pillow's firmness level, ranging from soft to firm and extra firm, to sleep better. If you are looking to invest in a mattress, you can choose from a wide selection of medicated mattress, latex mattress or memory foam mattress available online.Invest in our range of quality memory foam pillows online in UAE; your body will thank you for it.

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