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We understand the importance ofsleeping peacefully at night, so we at bedandpillows.com offer the best qualitybeds and mattresses in dubai. Our team is dedicated to offering a hassle-free,convenient and simple buying experience for our customers.

Business Direct is concept of bedandpillows.com. We strive to make your purchasing experience convenient, simple and stress free so that you can focus on what you do best. We are unique to supply high quality multi brand Mattresses, Beds, Furniture and Furnishing accessories in the region for all class of customers. Bedandpillows.com goal is to promote and sell from basic to luxury mattresses and furniture etc.. at very competitive prices with quick delivery concept.

The good thing about our platform isthat it offers the best range of multi-brand beds, furnishing accessories,mattresses, and furniture items.  Themain objective of our site is to both bring several things that range fromstandard to modern furniture and mattresses at very affordable rates.

Most essentially, we supply theproducts at very attractive rates with fast delivery facilities.  Some of the products have a warranty and fewothers come with 100% replacement when you do not satisfy with our products.

We offer a wide product assortment,matchless customer support, quick delivery, and nationwide distribution.  When it comes to our customer supportproviders, they are friendly experts who will respond to you immediately.

Our website has been designed with user friendly, high security and safe platform.

Most of our products cover warranty and some with 100% replacement if our product does not meet the customer satisfaction.

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Bedandpillows.com exceptional customer service, extensive product assortment, nationwide distribution and fast delivery. Our dedicated customer support team is committed to assist you today and later.

For additional details, you can make acall to +97165252800 / +971 504 739 900 or send us an email throughinfo@bedandpillows.com. Our site also has an online chat facility.

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